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'Panel' is one of my final major projects. Nominated for 'The Conran Shop Design Award' at new designers 2020. This design came from a competition run by the Robin Day Foundation.


'Panel' is about negating our throw-away culture. 'Panel' is furniture for life, with enhanced construction and material selection it is designed to remain for many years. 


The Panel Chair, therefore, is a reading chair which aims to show by bringing together well-panned construction and design you can enhance the life of a chair and enable it to remains with you for many years.

Pannel Chair - Chair 1 copy.jpg
Pannel Chair - Chair 3.jpg
Pannel Chair - Chair 2 copy.jpg
Pannel Chair - Chair 5.jpg
Pannel Chair - Chair 2.jpg
Pannel Chair - Chair 4.jpg
Panel - Sofa 02.jpg
Panel - Sofa 01.jpg
Panel - Sofa 03.jpg
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